Recipe and Content Development

Whole Foods Plant-Based; Gluten and Dairy Free

My recipes are centered around vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and are gluten and dairy free. Many are vegan and modifiable for keto and refined sugar free.

Meal Plan Efficiency

I design quick and easy recipes featuring your product with minimal ingredients that accommodate meal plans for even the busiest of lifestyles.

Always Delicious

I never cut corners to make meals healthy and fast, all of my recipes are guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Sponsored Product Reviews

Genuine Product Feedback

Reviews mean nothing if they aren’t honest. I will provide genuine feedback and my professional opinion as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to review and promote your products.

Video Reviews

Allow me to unbox and test your products for my followers. Sponsored Video Reviews are the best way for your future customers to learn everything they need to know about your products.

Blog Reviews

Sponsored blog posts are a great way to put your product up against the competition. These reviews will discuss the benefits of using your product in comparison to your various competitors to help your customers pick the best product for them.

Looking for the new face of your brand?

Product Spokesperson

As an experienced spokesperson for various health food brands, I’m prepared to serve as your representative for your products.

TV and Podcast Segments

As an experienced actress and model with a wide range of knowledge in nutrition and gut health, I would love to join you on your show or segment to provide the point of view of an expert in the nutrition industry.